Canada: "Conservatives Approve Northern Gateway Pipeline"

"OTTAWA -- Years of social disruptions by environmentalists and First Nations, lengthy court battles and a possible stand-off between Ottawa and British Columbia lie ahead after Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s approval of the fiercely contested Northern Gateway pipeline.

The long-awaited decision, which is in keeping with the Conservatives’ plan to expand Canada’s role as a global energy exporter, has lit the fuse on an unprecedented political clash between opponents of Northern Gateway and its backers.

Opposition to the proposed $7.9-billion conduit to carry oilsands-derived crude from Alberta across the Rockies to an export terminal in Kitimat, B.C., where it would be loaded on supertankers, has been gathering force for years."

Les Whittington and Bruce Campion-Smith report for the Toronto Star June 17 2014.


"Despite Protests, Canada Approves Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline" (New York Times)

Source: Toronto Star, 06/18/2014