"Climate Change Policies Pay for Themselves, Study Says"

"An MIT climate change study released Sunday indicates the cost of slashing coal-fired carbon emissions would be offset by reduced spending on public health. The EPA-funded study examined climate change policies similar to those proposed by the Obama administration in June."

"President Obama’s controversial plan to phase out coal and slash carbon emissions is an expensive one. But a new study suggests it could be cheaper than the alternative: pollution, poor air quality, and accompanying health costs.

Cutting emissions might lower health spending so drastically that the US could end up saving ten times more than it would cost to implement carbon reductions, according to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology study published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change."

Jared Gilmour reports for the Christian Science Monitor August 25, 2014.


"Health Benefits Offset Costs of Climate Policies -- MIT Study" (Greenwire)

Source: Christian Science Monitor, 08/26/2014