"College Divestment Campaigns Creating Passionate Environmentalists"

"At about 300 colleges across the country, young activists worried about climate change are borrowing a strategy that students successfully used in decades past. In the 1980s, students enraged about South Africa's racist Apartheid regime got their schools to drop stocks in companies that did business with that government. In the 1990s students pressured their schools to divest in Big Tobacco."

"This time, the student activists are targeting a mainstay of the economy: large oil and coal companies.

So far only a few small colleges have opted to drop investments in fossil fuel companies. But already the movement is having a big impact on the students who are driving it — people like Emily Kirkland, a senior at Brown University, who has been leading the campaign on her Providence, R.I., campus."

Elizabeth Shogren reports for NPR's Morning Edition May 10, 2013.

Source: NPR, 05/10/2013