"Dangerous Heat Wave Forecast for Arizona, California Deserts"

"A potentially deadly heat wave is expected to bear down on some Arizona and California desert areas in the next few days, forecasters said on Wednesday."

"The mercury is predicted to soar well past 110 degrees Fahrenheit and perhaps top 120F (40s and 50s degrees Celsius) starting on Friday in the deserts of southeast California and southern Arizona, Weather.com and the National Weather Service said.

Forecasters said highs could top 118F (48C) in Phoenix on Saturday, potentially setting a new record for that date in the sun-baked Arizona capital, and increasing the risk of heat stroke and exhaustion."

Tim Gaynor reports for Reuters June 27, 2013.


"Heat Wave May Threaten World’s Hottest Temp. Record" (Climate Central)

Source: Reuters, 06/27/2013