"Even Low Doses of Arsenic Trigger Cancer in Mice, Study Finds"

"A study by the National Institutes of Health found that levels of arsenic similar to what some people consume in water caused cancer in male mice"

"Researchers at the National Institutes of Health fed mice very low doses of arsenic and were surprised to find that many of them developed lung cancer, according to a study just published.

What made the results so surprising was that in previous studies, mice were fed extremely high doses of arsenic before they developed excess tumors. In the new study, mice fed lower doses of arsenic were more likely to develop tumors. The lowest dose is similar to amounts some people with private wells in the United States drink.

The Center for Public Integrity recently exposed how lobbying by pesticide companies that sell weed killers containing arsenic has delayed the EPA from issuing its findings and taking action on them for years."

David Heath reports for the Center for Public Integrity July 8, 2014.

Source: , 07/10/2014