"Famed Muscle Car Designer Enters the Race to Get to 80 Mpg"

"SHALFORD, England -- Gordon Murray, celebrated for designing the fastest, most powerful cars in the world, has gone to the other extreme. His latest product, the T.25, a fuel-abstemious three-seater passenger car, is made from metal tubes and recycled plastic bottles.

Murray is famous for his Formula 1 race cars that won a string of Grand Prix races and World Championships first for the Brabham and then the McLaren racing teams. He designed the F1, which was for years the world's fastest road car, and the sleek, powerful gull-winged Mercedes SLR.

What he calls his "guerrilla attack on the conventional car market" includes a new production process. It abandons the machine-stamped steel panels and inflexible spot-welding assembly lines used by most major car manufacturers in favor of low-energy, low-emission, low-cost lines that can be flexible enough to produce different designs in the same day."

Jeremy Lovell reports for ClimateWire October 19, 2010.


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Source: ClimateWire, 10/20/2010