"Green Group Launches Last-Ditch Effort Against Scott Brown"

"The League of Conservation Voters on Thursday launched a $350,000 ad blitz for the Massachusetts special election that accuses Republican candidate Scott Brown of supporting 'Bush-Cheney policies' on energy. The League is backing Democrat Martha Coakley in the race on Tuesday, as are the Sierra Club and Environment Massachusetts.

The group says the six-figure sum—to be deployed over just six days—is the most it has ever spent on an ad campaign of such a short duration. This shows just how concerned progressive groups have become that Brown could win the election and put the Democrats' entire legislative agenda in peril. The SEIU, for instance, has spent $665,000 on ads in the state. Health care is, of course, the issue where the loss of one vote could immediately cripple reform. But an anticipated vote on climate change legislation later this year is also expected to come down to a very tight margin."

Kate Sheppard reports for Mother Jones January 15, 2010.

Source: Mother Jones, 01/18/2010