"Green Jobs Attract Graduates"

"Rachael Kleinberger ...  already knew she wanted out at age 25, quitting her job at a reality-TV production company for a position at a nonprofit organization focused on the environment. ... Kleinberger is one of a new wave of recent college graduates entering a career field that, like blogging and social media strategy, hardly existed a decade ago: environmental sustainability.

Suddenly, 'sustainability' seems to resonate with the sex appeal of 'dot com' or 'start-up,' appealing to droves of ambitious young innovators. Amelia Byers, operations director for Idealist.org, a Web site that lists paid and unpaid opportunities for nonprofit groups and social enterprise companies — some 5,000 of which are environmental organizations — said the number of jobs related to environmental work has roughly tripled in the last three years."

Austin Considine reports for the New York Times June 24, 2011.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011