"Junkyard Regulation Sets up Clash of Cultures"

"BRISTOL — Meet Terry Carter, an affable man in grease-stained blue work clothes: Terry Carter, struggling businessman, recycler, host of last resort for your broken-down Subaru, your over-the-hill refrigerator, that old RV you can’t sell.

Or is he Terry Carter, unlicensed junkyard operator, scofflaw, headache for town government and threat to the environment?

He is both, the correct answer runs — and that is the challenge state government faces as it begins its first comprehensive effort to regulate junkyards and reduce the environmental risks they pose.

Junk laps in waves around Carter’s single-story home and auto repair shop in a gravel-floored depression on Lower Notch Road."

Candace Page reports for the Burlington Free Press April 18, 2010.

Source: Burlington Free Press, 04/19/2010