"Marine Daughter Seeks Dignity for 'Devil Dog Pups'"

"JACKSONVILLE, N.C. -- As she flipped through the cemetery register, Mary Blakely's eyes filled with tears. On line after line, the entry read simply 'Baby Boy' or 'Baby Girl,' followed by a surname and a burial date."

"Like Blakely, many of those buried in this lonely section of Onslow Memorial Park known as 'Babyland' were the children of Marines stationed down the road at Camp Lejeune. How many of these fellow 'Devil Dog pups,' she wondered, died because they or their pregnant mothers had swallowed or bathed in the base's toxic water?

'These are my peers,' she cried as cars and trucks rushed by on busy U.S. 258 one recent blustery day. 'I'm a Marine Corps brat. And this could be me.'"

Allen G. Breed reports for the Associated Press May 18, 2013.


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Source: AP, 05/20/2013