"New U.S. Ban on Ivory Sales Aimed at Saving More Elephants"

"The White House announced a new ban on sales of elephant ivory within the United States on Tuesday, part of a plan aimed at cracking down on trafficking of wildlife that is threatening some species, including the African elephant, with extinction."

"The United States has banned imports of ivory since 1989. But the new efforts go further, banning the sale within the United States of most ivory products altogether and limiting sport-hunted trophies to two per hunter per year.

Part of the aim is to reduce demand for ivory products, which can be found in art and antique stores in most large U.S. cities, senior administration officials said on a conference call with reporters."

Roberta Rampton reports for Reuters February 12, 2014.


"For Elephants And Rhinos, Poaching Trends Point In Wrong Direction" (NPR)

Source: Reuters, 02/12/2014