Oregon Temporarily Bans Insecticide After 50,000 Bumblebees Die

"In response to a massive bumblebee die-off blamed on pesticides, the Oregon Department of Agriculture issued a temporary restriction Thursday on 18 insecticides with the active ingredient dinotefuran."

"An estimated 50,000 bees and other insects died in a Wilsonville shopping center parking lot last week. A landscaper sprayed 55 flowering European linden trees with Safari pesticide on June 15. State officials confirmed the dinotefuran insecticide was responsible for the deaths. Hundreds of dead bees in Hillsboro are also being investigated.

"We're not trying to get it off the shelves, or trying to tell people to dispose of it, we're just telling people not to use it," said Bruce Pokarney, a spokesperson for the department of agriculture."

Elizabeth Case reports for the Portland Oregonian June 27, 2013.

Source: Portland Oregonian, 06/28/2013