"In Plan to Dump Contaminated Soil, Classic New Jersey Politics Emerge"

New Jersey's GOP Gov. Chris Christie wants to put millions of tons of petroleum-contaminated soil in a place where scientists say it is sure to leak into the environment and threaten public health.

"CARTERET, N.J. — We slip slided, a zoologist, two environmentalists and I, across ice, snow and mud toward a wire fence with a sign: Environmental Investigation Cleanup.

Beyond this fence, a 125-acre expanse of yellow swamp reeds, vines and cottonwood trees extends north to the Rahway River. Decades ago, American Cyanamid ruined this wetlands expanse, once home to rich oyster beds, with cyanide-contaminated sludge, the chemical detritus of the past century.

Years ago, it was partially cleaned and covered with a few feet of topsoil. With the passing of the seasons, nature has commenced its repair work.

But the Christie administration has another idea for this land. It appears poised to let a company, Soil Safe, truck in millions of tons of petroleum-contaminated soils and dump it on this site, which lies directly west of Staten Island and the Arthur Kill."

Michael Powell reports for New York Times February 24, 2014.

Source: NY Times, 02/25/2014