Poll: Just 13 Percent Of Non-Tea Party Republicans Doubt Climate Change

"Tea Party Republicans succeeded in grinding the federal government to a halt, and they are the biggest holdouts in the face of overwhelming evidence that climate change is happening. Mainstream Republicans, however, are much less likely to reject the fact that the planet is getting hotter."

"67 percent of Americans told the pollsters at the Pew Research Center that there is solid evidence the planet has been getting warmer, and in polls like these it’s common to see a stark partisan breakdown. Republicans reject mainstream climate science, Democrats are much more likely to accept it. But this survey found that there is a serious disconnect between mainstream Republicans and those who identify with the Tea Party.

Which groups think that global warming is not happening? 13 percent of non-Tea Party Republicans. 41 percent of Tea Party Republicans. And just 4 percent of Democrats and people who lean Democratic. 97 percent of climate scientists not only believe the planet is getting warmer, but that humans are causing it."

Ryan Koronowski reports for Climate Progress November 1, 2013.

Source: Climate Progress, 11/04/2013