Seattle Adopts Carbon Plan — But Will Pot Growers Get in the Way?

"Seattle has set itself an 86-page to-do list to help it reach carbon neutrality by 2050."

"The city council on Monday voted unanimously to adopt the 2013 Seattle Climate Action Plan [PDF], which outlines a detailed process designed to achieve the heady goal of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions to zero in less than 40 years.

The council originally set its carbon-neutrality goal in 2011. Following work by consultants and staff, the city now has a plan laying out how that goal can be turned into reality. Next comes the hard part: actually doing all the climate-friendly stuff."

John Upton reports for Grist June 19, 2013.


"Marijuana Crops in California Threaten Forests and Wildlife" (New York Times)

Source: Grist, 06/21/2013