"Southern Co.'s Lobbying Draws Complaints"

"ATLANTA (AP) - President Barack Obama's award of billions of dollars in federal nuclear loan guarantees to Southern Co. has angered environmentalists who say the president is embracing the energy powerhouse that worked aggressively to defeat a key climate change bill championed by his administration.

The Atlanta-based company had nearly twice as many climate lobbyists as any other company or organization during last year's debate over cap and trade legislation, according to the Center for Public Integrity. The company hired 16 outside firms to supplement their stable of in-house lobbyists and spent $16.5 million on Capitol Hill lobbying in 2009. The company maintains the report overstates their lobbying role.

Some environmentalists -- while not surprised that Obama is moving forward on nuclear power -- are upset that Southern Co. is the recipient of such federal largesse."

Shannon McCaffrey reports for the Associated Press February 17, 2010.

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Source: AP, 02/18/2010