"Is TransCanada Laying Defective Keystone XL Pipe in Texas?"

"TransCanada, the company currently constructing the southern segment of the Keystone XL pipeline, claims to use 'top quality steel and welding techniques' throughout its pipeline network. Last week, however, activists fighting the construction of the pipeline released images of what they claim are improperly welded pipeline seams. The photos were released by Keystone XL blockader Ramsey Sprague at the Pipe Tech Americas 2013 conference in Texas and were taken by blockader Isabel Brooks."

"Brooks took the photographs from inside a pipe segment on December 3, 2012 to document what they say was daylight pouring through weld seams between segments. 'All of us looked at it,' Brooks told DeSmog, speaking of the defective seam, 'and it was clear light was coming in from the outside...It was definitely clear what it was.'"

Carol Linnitt reports for DeSmogBlog February 6, 2013.

Source: DeSmogBlog, 02/07/2013