"Two New Vaccines Can Protect Against Zika After A Single Shot"

"Just five months after the Zika virus was declared a global public health emergency, a scientific team’s feverish efforts to create a vaccine against the viral threat have borne promising fruit: With a single shot of either of two different types of vaccine, experimental mice gained near-total immunity to Zika for at least two months.

Writing in the journal Nature on Tuesday, a U.S.-Brazilian team of scientists reported that two distinct vaccine candidates conferred powerful protection from Zika infection when each was delivered by intra-muscular injection to mice.

“We were very surprised — and quite impressed — that a single shot of either of these vaccines provided complete protection,” said study co-author Dr. Dan H. Barouch, who after years of work on vaccines against HIV pivoted in late January to work on Zika."

Melissa Healy reports for the Los Angeles Times June 28, 2016.

Source: LA Times, 06/29/2016