US Gives Up Hopes of Global Climate Change Treaty in Copenhagen

"The US has given up hope of reaching a global climate change treaty at Copenhagen and is working towards a deal late next year, the Obama administration said today. The decision ends hopes of a legally binding deal being sealed next month.

'We have to be honest in the process and deal with the realities that we don't have time in these four weeks to put the language together and flesh out every crossed t and dotted i of a treaty,' said John Kerry, who chairs the Senate foreign relations committee.

Todd Stern, the state department climate change envoy, agreed. 'It doesn't look like it's on the cards for December,' he said. 'We should make progress towards a political agreement that hits each of the main elements.'"

Suzanne Goldenberg John Vidal report for the Guardian (UK) November 4, 2009.

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Source: Guardian, 11/06/2009