"U.S., Japan, G8 Commit to Climate Change Action"

"WASHINGTON, DC -- Support for global action to curb climate change is growing stronger within the G8 group of the world’s largest industrial democracies, which includes the United States and Japan."

"During an April 14 meeting in Tokyo, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Japan’s Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida expressed 'serious concern about anthropogenic climate change and its worsening impacts.'

They said the United States and Japan 'share the view' that human-caused climate change represents a threat to the security and economic development of all nations.

'Cooperative efforts between the United States and Japan demonstrate our shared commitment to advancing climate action in the multilateral context,' the two officials said in a joint statement. 'We plan to deepen our mutual engagement in advancing low-carbon growth.'  "

Environment News Service had the story April 18, 2013.


"China, US Agree To Work Together on Warming, Four Years After Copenhagen Stand-Off" (South China Morning Post)

Source: ENS, 04/19/2013