"West Virginia Doctors Advising Some Patients Not To Drink Tap Water"

"Warnings come despite federal health officials declaring water was free from chemical contamination after January 9 spill."

"A county health official in West Virginia said doctors are advising some patients not to drink tap water weeks after it was deemed safe from a chemical contamination, though a federal health official on Wednesday said it could be used for any purpose.

The January 9 spill at Freedom Industries in Charleston spurred a water-use ban for 300,000 people. After officials cleared thousands of people to use water again, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials advised pregnant women to consider a different water source.

Dr Rahul Gupta of Kanawha and Putnam counties said Wednesday that some pediatricians now are advising that children under three shouldn't drink the water. Other physicians are similarly advising patients on dialysis or with kidney or liver failure, chronic conditions or low immune systems."

The Associated Press had the story January 6, 2014.


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Source: AP, 02/06/2014