"Wild Oyster Reef Death Doesn't Equal A Bivalve Shortage"

"Screaming headlines this week threatened of a wild oyster 'apocalypse' and told foodies to eat up before these precious bivalves become extinct. That's because a report published in BioScience says 85 percent of wild oyster reefs are gone.

But Julie Qiu, who writes an all-things-oyster blog called In A Half Shell, says, 'Stop panicking and get the facts.'

Facts like this one: 95 percent of the oysters we slurp up at fancy restaurants and roadside shacks alike are farmed, not wild, according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. So you're not likely to see a big change on your plate anytime soon."

April Fulton reports for NPR February 9, 2011.


"Oyster Extinction? Stop Panicking and Get the Facts" (In a Half Shell)

Source: NPR, 02/11/2011