"World Food Prize: Controversy Dogs Ceremony"

"This year’s World Food Prize laureates called on a hungry world to embrace the seeds they helped develop, despite controversy that threatens to limit the reach of biotech crops."

"Three researchers who played prominent roles in developing genetically modified crops — Mary-Dell Chilton of Syngenta, Robert T. Fraley of Monsanto and Marc Van Montagu of Belgium — were awarded the World Food Prize on Thursday at the Iowa Capitol. The music- and history-filled ceremony highlighted the prize’s biggest and most controversial week yet."

"'My hope is this will put to rest the misguided opposition' to the crops, Chilton said after receiving the award. She called genetically modified organisms a 'wonderful tool' in the fight against hunger. ...

Outside the ceremony, activists protested and fired off press releases."

Lynn Hicks reports for the Des Moines Register October 17, 2013.


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Source: Des Moines Register, 10/18/2013