ENTRY FORM: Feature Story

QUALIFYING ENTRIES:One environmental interest story not directly tied to a recent news event with an emphasis on storytelling, while also including an explanatory aspect that sheds light on our environment and gives details to concepts or ideas. Multi-part stories, sidebars and other supplemental material are prohibited. Eligibility: All TV, Radio, Print and Online entities.

LINKS AND FILES: Upload low-resolution PDF or radio MP3 file (20MB max), or paste a link to your story. Video files may not be uploaded; please include a link for video entries. If you are uploading a file, ignore the field for links; if you are supplying a link, ignore the field for uploading a file. Be sure your link will not expire in 2015. If you are unable to upload a file or supply a link, you may prepare five copies of your story according to SEJ Awards preparation rules

BROADCAST TRANSCRIPTS: Each radio, television and audio/video component of a website must include a complete transcript. Upload a separate transcript for each broadcast story you enter. PDF only.

PAYMENT: When the form is complete, you will be redirected to a secure payment site where you can pay instantly by credit card or opt to send SEJ a check. Your entry will not be considered until payment is received. Please pay your fee as soon as you complete the entry form.

Online materials and payments must be received by April 1, 2015, midnight, your local time. Shipped materials must be postmarked by April 1, 2015. If you have questions, email chrisbruggers@icloud.com or call (502) 641-1844.

Good luck!

Must be the name of a reporter who worked on the story. If the entry was reported by a team, select one reporter as main contact for the contest.
Must be the name of a reporter who worked on the story. If the entry was reported by a team, select one reporter as main contact for the contest.
This title will appear on the trophy and certificates if this entry wins. Please create a title that will adequately describe your entry. It may be the name of your story.
Indicate where this story was broadcast or published.
Enter the complete link to your story. If you want to upload a file of your story, skip this field and go on to the next.
Print entries must include the same headlines, stories, photos and graphics that appeared originally in print, without any additions or deletions. News services only may submit computer printouts without graphics. PDF or radio MP3 only, 20MB MAXIMUM.
Enter the date your story aired, launched or ran. Stories without dates will not be sent to judges!
Broadcast entries require a transcript. Please attach your transcript file here. PDF only.
Where you report, or list Freelance.
Enter your street address here.
If your address is in a country without postal codes, type N/A.
Where we can best reach you concerning your entry. Please notify SEJ if your phone number changes: sej@sej.org
Where we can best reach you.
Name of SEJ member or prospective member entering. Type SAME if the name is already listed in this form. If you are not entering at the member or prospective member rate, type N/A.
Type 1 for individual reporter (yourself). Otherwise, type the number of reporters on the team. Anyone with a byline in the entry must be included.
If someone other than the entering reporter organized this entry, please enter the coordinator's name here.
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