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Please read the following policies for SEJ's members-only discussion listservs and online member directory. IMPORTANT: In the best interest of all members, you must agree to the policies (below) in order to gain access to the member directory and/or subscribe to listservs. If you agree, read the descriptions of SEJ's listservs and select the ones you want to subscribe to — you can join any, all or none.

NOTE: As of April 30, 2014, the following email providers should not be used for listserv subscriptions:

These providers have recently instituted a policy that prevents properly using Listserv services. The providers on this list have taken this non-standard step of rejecting mail that doesn't comply with their SPAM policy. For now, subscribe to the Listservs of your choice using an email provider not on this list. This is a problem beyond the control of SEJ at this time and we hope to have a solution in the near future.