"House Moderates Oppose Allowing Arctic Oil Drilling In Tax Bill"

"Republicans have little room for dissension as they debate a plan to overhaul the nation’s tax system, and the Senate wooed Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski by including a provision that allows oil exploration in a portion of Alaska’s North Slope. That doesn’t sit well with some moderate House Republicans, including Miami Rep. Carlos Curbelo."

Source: McClatchy, 12/07/2017

EPA Chief Pruitt Says Agency Scientists Are Free to Discuss Their Work

"Scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency will be free to publicly discuss their work from now on, Scott Pruitt, the agency’s administrator, has assured lawmakers who criticized the E.P.A. for preventing employees from presenting findings about climate change."

Source: NY Times, 12/07/2017

SEJ, Other Journalism Groups, Support Net Neutrality

The Society of Environmental Journalists has joined other journalism and open-government groups in urging the Federal Communications Commission not to end its established net neutrality rule. When an internet service provider also owns a news outlet, then they can give their own news content an advantage if the net is not neutral. This will tend to push out smaller news media companies and increase concentration in the news industry. (Image by Darmokand)


"Mayors Sign Climate Charter After Trump Ditches Paris Accord"

"Former President Barack Obama says cities, states and nonprofit groups have emerged as 'the new face of leadership' on climate change. He briefly spoke Tuesday to a summit of mayors from around the world gathered in Chicago to address concerns about climate change since President Donald Trump rejected the Paris climate accord. The mayors signed a charter that echoes portions of the 2015 Paris agreement."

Source: NBC 5 Chicago, 12/06/2017


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