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Name T. DeLene Beeland
Title Science and nature writer
Organization Freelance
Asheville, North Carolina 28804 USA
Phone 8285754435
Phone Type Cell
Twitter Account @tdelene
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About Me I am an independent science and nature writer living in the mountains of western North Carolina, where I enjoy reporting on the environment, wildlife conservation, endangered and rare species, and the interplay between human development and nature. In June 2013, my first book was published by the University of North Carolina Press. It's titled, The Secret World of Red Wolves: The Fight to Save North America's Other Wolf. The Secret World of Red Wolves is a narrative nonfiction work that traces eastern red wolves, Canis rufus, from their evolutionary origins to their near extinction in the wild, their reintroduction, and their future conservation in a landscape heavily altered by people. It’s a tale of field biology, ecology, the use of genetics in wildlife conservation, human tolerance of predators, the species “problem,” politics, and conservation biology. I'm a regular contributor to the Charlotte Observer’s Sci-Tech pages, where I report on research in the environment and natural sciences in the Carolinas. For the Observer, I’ve written about endangered species, restoring hydrologic function to a landscape, wildlife conservation and ecology, geoengineering, sea level rise, emerging pathogens such as white-nose syndrome, and more. I have contributed to, OnEarth magazine's blog, EARTH magazine, and Wildlife in North Carolina, among other publications. I hold a master’s of science in interdisciplinary ecology; my degree program offered flexible training in both journalism and ecology.