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Name Harold (Hal) Francis Herring
Title Writer
Dept/Publication Field and Stream,High Country News, Conservation, Nature conservancy magazine, others.
Augusta, Montana 59410 USA
Phone 406 562 3433
Phone Type Work
Website http://www.halherring.com
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About Me Hal Herring is an award-winning journalist and contributing editor at Field and Stream magazine. He has written for publications that range from the Atlantic Monthly and the Economist, to High Country News and Conservation Magazine, to Creative Nonfiction and Orion, and specializes in deeply reported, long-form journalism stories and essays with a primary focus on conservation. Hal writes the Conservationist blog at Field and Stream magazine's website and has covered almost every major conservation and environment issue over the past fifteen years, from wetlands losses in Louisiana to wolf reintroduction and gas drilling in the West to condor and other wildlife restoration in Mexico to mining in the salmon nurseries of Alaska. A common thread in his work is one of the most basic ideas in conservation: that human beings exist within, and depend upon, the great net of ecology, that one cannot tug one string without moving the entirety, and that our everyday lives, our children’s lives, and our heritage are directly affected by how we conduct ourselves in relationship to the natural world that sustains all life on our planet. A lifelong outdoorsman, mountaineer, hunter and fisherman, Hal lives with his wife and children in Augusta, Montana.