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Name Karen A. Stephenson
Title Professional writer/author and educator
Newmarket, ON L3Y 4P9 CANADA
Phone 905-898-5942
Phone Type Work
Website http://www.writing-services.ca
Twitter Account @EdibleWildFood
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About Me Karen has worked as a freelance writer and editor for over a decade. She has written for many print publications including The Toronto Sun, The Calgary Sun, Everyman Magazine, Today's Parent and several Metroland publications. She has served on the Advisory Board at Balance Magazine, and for five years, was the Managing Editor for The Month Ahead Magazine. Karen's articles have gained her public recognition and have resulted in television appearances as well as participating in public debates. Her research expertise has given her opportunities to work with Senator Anne C. Cools and has met many affluent individuals including Dr. David Suzuki. Today, Karen writes for three online magazines and recently was promoted to managing editor for Green Solutions Magazine. She also enjoys her role as an environmental journalist for Green Solutions Magazine. She started writing for Suite101 as a contributing writer and within weeks was promoted to a feature writer. She was approached by the publisher of Greenmaple Wellness and was offered a position as a contributing writer for this reputable publication. Karen has built on her successes and started a business, Aankara Writing Services. She has ghostwritten four books and has edited numerous books. Karen clearly demonstrates that writing is a talent and passion that drives her. In addition to writing, Karen is the Director of Marketing for Zoomit Canada.