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Name Kathie Florsheim
Title Independent Photographer
Providence, RI 2906 USA
Phone (401) 751-7991
Phone Type Work
Website http://www.kathieflorsheimphotography.com
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About Me I am a Senior Fellow at the Coastal Institute in the Graduate School of Oceanography/University of Rhode Island. I am doing documentary photographic work about climate change, coastal erosion and land use. I work primarily in the Northeast, along the coastline in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine. I am willing to work in other locations. Currently I am working on two series of photographs about coastal issues. One project follows a small seasonal community in Rhode Island with has a coastline that has receded landward by 93'between 1939-2006. I am part of a collaborative team as the photographer and project director. We are particularly interested in how the changes in the landscape affect the residents, culturally and socially. That series is called Living on the Edge (LOTE). The other series tracks land use along the coast in Maine, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, and Rhode Island. It is called On the Edge (OTE). That series is independent of collaboration. I am interested in coastal issues of all kinds, and want to hear from those who need photographs of environmental issues or problems in shore or shore-related areas.