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Name Tanya S Tolchin
Title farmer, writer
Organization freelance
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 USA
Phone 301-627-6211
Phone Type Work
Twitter Account @thelettuceedge
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About Me Tanya Tolchin grows vegetables and flowers on her family farm in Maryland just 20 miles from Washington DC. She is a manager of Israeli Harvest, a small business that supports farmers in Israel by selling organic olive oil and dates in the US. She writes about farming, parenting and Jewish life on her blog, On the Lettuce Edge, and elsewhere. Her writings have appeared in the Huffington Post, the Jewish Daily Forward, Kveller, the Washington Jewish Week and a new book about first generation farmers called “Greenhorns, 50 Dispatches from the New Farm Movement,” from Storey Press. Prior to farming, she worked for Sierra Club in Washington DC for ten years on efforts to help protect national forests and build new strategic partnerships.