Vollker Ide

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Name Volker Ide
Title Dipl. Biologe
Organization NDR-Hamburg - German TV & Films4friends Media Productions
Oldenburg, Niedersachsen 26121 Germany
Phone +49 441 9849358
Phone Type Home
Website http://www.films4friends.com
Twitter Account https://twitter.com/REPORTER_NDR
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About Me Since I start studying marine biology, I discovered my love for filmmaking & science journalism. After my scientific career I started as an independent Broadcast – Media Professional and working as a science & medicine journalist & producer for the German Broadcast TV (ARD.de – NDR.de – ARTE.tv – Phoenix.de – ZDF.de – RadioBremen.de etc.) as well for the Swiss TV – SF.TV (Zürich), CNN etc. For the past 16+ years I have been following now my passion as a career and it has taken me around the world to places I have felt privileged to have seen, like a fantastic shooting in the Arktis, Svalbard , Ny-Ålesund near the northpole or the hunting for auroras in the north of Norway. I have filmed, directed and edited short films, documentaries and much more. My “mission” is to realise high quality documentaries which tell strong stories, which are well researched, which are well made, and which will entertain and inform the audience. In 2001 i´ve got the Leonardo Prix 2001 in silver at the film festival “Fondazione Medikinale International Parma” for my film “stem cells – new wonder weapon of Medicine” broadcast at the ARD – German TV. The “Fondazione Medikinale” is the most important festival for science programs in Europe.