William H. Funk

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Name William H. Funk
Title Writer | Documentarian | Environmental Attorney
Organization Freelancer
Staunton, Virginia 24401~4667 United States
Phone 540.887.6161
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Website www.williamhfunk.com
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About Me I employ primarily long-form and narrative creative nonfiction writing to tell stories and investigate details about our evolving relationship to the natural world. My educational background (anthropology, religion, history and political science as an undergrad and environmental policy and law in graduate school) and my extensive work experience have prepared me to deal with a wide range of subject matter and to do so in a compelling, illuminating manner. I hold a JD and a Master's Degree in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School, the country's top ranked environmental law facility, and have developed a reputation for elucidating complex legal and scientific matters in clear and lucid prose. My relevant areas of expertise include endangered species and habitat preservation, hunting and fishing, federal lands management, wildlife crime, animal cruelty, wetlands mitigation, conservation easements, and environmental law. I've worked with numerous nonprofit groups and federal agencies and am a skilled naturalist.