SEJ Freelance Task Force

Mission Statement & Objectives

Approved by the SEJ Board 7/31/10

The Society of Environmental Journalists' board of directors formed the Freelance Task Force in 2010 to better serve the growing number of independent journalists covering the environment. The board gave the task force these responsibilities:

1. Identify opportunities for expanding and broadening SEJ programs, services, and resources for freelance and self-employed journalists.

2. Develop and prioritize proposals for programs and services, and submit to the programs committee for consideration

3. Implement programs and services under the direction of staff, following approval from the board.

4. Seek opportunities to collaborate with other organizations that support freelance and self-employed journalists.

SEJ freelancers with ideas and suggestions for the task force are invited to contact the chair, Sharon Oosthoek.

SEJ Freelance Task Force Members

Debra Atlas
Glen Blouin
Murray Carpenter
Peter Fairley
Dan Ferber
Peter Gorrie
Isabelle Groc
Sharon Guynup
Sharon Oosthoek (chair)
Lisa Palmer
Craig Saunders
Karen Schaefer
Judith Stock
Dawn Stover
Christine Woodside