Becoming Listed in the Freelance Directory

Want to be listed in SEJ's freelance directory?

First, you have to be a member of SEJ to be listed. If you're not a member, check the How to Join page to learn if you're eligible for membership and for instructions on how to apply.

If you're already a member of SEJ, all you need to do is to log in to and update your profile.

Look at the upper right side of the burgundy bar and locate the "Members Only" link (or top right of the page and locate "Members"). Click on that link and, when the resulting page loads, look to the right of the main page. In the top block, you'll see "My Profile."

Click "My Account" to open your profile, then the "edit" tab at the top of your profile. Locate the "Freelance work" link, click, and select the "Include in Freelance Directory" check box.

That's all there is to it, but while you're there, take some time to fill out your profile with information about yourself--the kind of thing editors would need to know when looking for a journalist. Under the "Biography" link when you're in edit mode, you can update your "Topics on the Beat" and "Region." Select multiple topics or regions with Control-Left-Click  (Mac users: Command-click). (Shift click will select all the items between your first selection and your second.)

Please note that editors will not see your email address. SEJ has opted to show phone numbers only. This is because spam bots and other internet nuisances can cause problems. Editors can always get your email address when they call you.

Password Help

If you have trouble logging into, click the "Help" link beside the log-in fields. Follow the instructions for retreiving your password. If you can't remember your user name, contact SEJ for help.