DEADLINE: Fellowship to Attend "Covering Globalization at the Local Level: Beyond the G8/NATO Summits in Chicago"

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February 29, 2012

Covering Globalization at the Local Level: Beyond the G8/NATO Summits in Chicago, a McCormick Specialized Reporting Institute (SRI) taking place March 19-21, 2012, will help reporters better understand and report on world affairs. Tied to two major events in Chicago in May 2012 — the G8 Summit and the NATO Conference — this workshop will be of particular interest to reporters in the Midwest who want to learn how to bring global stories home to their local audiences.

Thanks to a grant from the McCormick Foundation there will be no tuition and travel and hotel costs will be covered for those whose applications are accepted. Apply By: Feb 29, 2012

The seminar goal is to help better understand the impact of globalization on the Midwest and the U.S. The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, DePaul University and The Poynter Institute will partner to address this gap for reporters.

Faculty will  include:

  • Richard Longworth, Senior Fellow of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs will open with a keynote address, “Why Globalization Topics Matter at the Local Level”

  • Stephen Brick, Senior Fellow of The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
  • Tamar Jacoby, President and CEO of ImmigrationWorks USA
  • Doug McGill, founder of The McGill Report, a website for Minnesotans on world affairs and former reporter for the New York Times
  • Maria Balinksa, Founder, Latitude News
  • Tran Ha, Managing Editor, Chicago Tribune’s RedEye
  • Robert Easter, Dean Emeritus, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences; Professor Emeritus, Department of Animal Sciences (Nutrition), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Poynter’s Howard Finberg, Director of Interactive Learning and Bill Mitchell, Poynter Affiliate

You’ll learn:

  • How to manage information flow — ways to get the story out on multiple platforms

  • New sources and ideas for stories

  • How to cover international topics at the local level

  • To avoid ideological traps by getting beyond the protest coverage

Among the topics we’ll discuss:

  1. How the international economy impacts local economies through trade, foreign direct investment, outsourcing, manufacturing, employment, and more.

  2. Food security will again be a major topic of the G8 summits. We will explore he impact of global agriculture on the Midwest.

  3. Immigration. The impact, issues and fallout of increased Hispanic and African immigration have been different from that in, say, Arizona or Alabama.

  4. How the Midwest is connected to the world through issues such as alternative energy sources, technology, climate change, conservation and potential uses of Great Lakes water.

  5. Financial issues, including the national debt, the euro, deficit spending and Third World debt.

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