DEADLINE: High Country News Internships and Fellowship

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November 1, 2018

Apply by Mar 19 to be considered for a Summer/Fall (mid-Jul to mid-Dec) internship with High Country News (HCN) in Paonia, CO or by Nov 1 for Winter/Spring (mid-Jan to mid-Jun) internship or the Jan-Dec fellowship.

High Country News (HCN) is looking for informed and enthusiastic interns to report on natural resource, environmental and community issues in the 11 Western states. Published twice-monthly in Paonia, CO, HCN is a nonprofit newsmagazine and website "for people who care about the West." The magazine reaches 25,000 subscribers — an estimated 60,000 readers — and the website reaches thousands more, including grassroots activists, public land managers, tribal officials, government policymakers, educators, students and interested citizens.

Every year, High Country News offers four to six internship positions, each six months long. Two to three new interns join us each June and January; we provide free housing and a $220-per-week stipend. To help defray moving costs, an additional $500 travel stipend is available upon successful completion of the internship. One exceptional candidate from each session may have the option of staying on another six months as an editorial fellow — a higher-paid, higher-output position.

The fellowship, with a $375-per-week stipend, is designed for journalists with experience that may preclude them from an internship and who may have something extra, in terms of experience, to bring to High Country News.

HCN strongly encourages Native American journalists, Hispanic journalists and those from other under-represented backgrounds to apply.

For more information on HCN internships, and to register, please visit the website.

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Associate Editor Sarah Gilman
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sarah (at)
High Country News
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