DEADLINE: Knight-Wallace Fellows at Michigan

Event Date: 
February 1, 2018

Full-time journalists in any media with five years' experience may apply for the eight-month Knight-Wallace Fellows at Michigan which are designed to broaden perspectives, nurture intellectual growth and inspire personal transformation. With no deadlines, exams, or papers to worry about, a Knight-Wallace Fellowship frees you to explore the breadth of scholarship available at the University of Michigan. Leading academics and figures of major interest to journalists give seminars and discuss issues. Travel for Fellows and families includes a fall color tour in northern Michigan and international news tours that are equal parts education and entertainment. Stipend is $70,000 ($8,750 monthly), September through April, plus all tuition, fees and Fellowship news tours (US applicants). Spouses are an integral part of the Fellowship experience and are invited to participate actively. In addition, up to six international fellowships (four to eight months) are offered each year, as funding is available. Deadlines: Dec 1, 2017 (international applicants); Feb 1, 2018 (US applicants).

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