DEADLINE: NPF Fisheries/Ocean Journalism Fellowship

Event Date: 
May 14, 2018

Learn About Sustainable Fishing and Health of the Oceans

Fishing is big business across the globe, to the tune of 167 million tons of fish harvested each year. What's the catch? Our oceans are not a bottomless source. The National Press Foundation is offering journalists a five-day deep dive into ocean health and sustainable fishing. Journalists will learn about commercial versus recreational fishing rights; innovations in fisheries management; regulation and labeling of domestic and imported fish; natural and man-made threats to the oceans; international laws and disputes; and marine biodiversity. Training includes expert presentations as well as field trips on the Gulf of Mexico.
This five-day training will be held July 8-12, 2018, in Tampa, Florida.
The all-expenses-paid fellowship covers airfare, ground transportation, hotel costs and most meals. NPF offers this professional development opportunity for journalists to enhance skills, increase knowledge and recharge their reporting on one of today's most critical issues. This program is for U.S.-based journalists only.
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