DEADLINE: The Planet Award, Global Youth & News Media Prize

Event Date: 
April 15, 2020

The Global Youth & News Media Prize, founded in 2018, is a worldwide award that honors organizations that innovate as they strengthen engagement between news media and young people while reinforcing the role of journalism in society. In short, we are celebrating news media work that serves, supports and both attracts and learns from young audiences.

The Planet Award (deadline Apr 15, 2020), recognizing reporting or initiatives that effectively provide young audiences with information and hope for saving the planet, is one of three categories, along with The Journalism Award and The News/Media Literacy Award (deadlines Jun 25, 2019).

In 2019, the Planet Award, presented at the Eurasian Media Forum, went to El Surtidor, a digital news start-up in Paraguay  and to Dainik Jagran, a venerable news institution of India, both for combining solutions journalism and marketing-based advocacy that galvanized young people to help make real environmental change based on carefully constructed news. A commendation went to Young Reporters for the Environment of Denmark, a global youth news organization. At the forum, winners joined panels and master classes to make sure as many people as possible learned how to do what they did.

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