Can anyone join SEJ?

Membership in SEJ is open to journalists working for print, broadcast and/or online media; and full-time faculty or students working or enrolled at accredited schools.

Individuals who are neither substantially engaged in reporting nor involved in full-time academic pursuit are most likely not eligible for membership.

SEJ bylaws preclude from membership persons who engage in lobbying or public relations work relating to environmental issues and preclude from active category of membership persons whose employer engages in lobbying or public relations work relating to environmental issues.

To learn more about eligibility, please see our membership policies and bylaws. If you aren't sure whether or not you are eligible for membership, send in an application for membership for SEJ's membership screening committee to consider.

If you're sure you are not eligible for membership, a subscription to SEJournal will bring you the quarterly newsletter as well as savings on the annual conference fee. To subscribe to SEJournal, visit our secure online subscription site, or download a form (requires free Adobe Acrobat ® reader) to fax or mail.

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