"China Defends Wen Jiabao's Role In Copenhagen Talks"

"BEIJING -- China on Friday defended the role played by premier Wen Jiabao at climate change talks in Copenhagen this month after a barrage of international criticism blaming China for obstructing negotiations.

The Copenhagen meeting ended with a broad political agreement but left specifics to be ironed out in 2010, angering many of the poorest nations as well as Western groups who had hoped for a more ambitious commitment.

China insisted that firm targets agreed to by European nations not be included in the final deal, and Wen himself was absent from a final round of direct negotiations between national leaders. British climate minister Ed Miliband said China and its allies had 'hijacked' talks, according to the Guardian newspaper.

In a long account of the Copenhagen meeting, Xinhua gave Wen credit for 'the last minute attempt to exchange ideas and reach consensus' despite his belief that it was 'impossible' to reach a legally binding agreement."

Lucy Hornby reports for Reuters December 29, 2009.

Source: Reuters, 12/29/2009