Greenland’s Ice Losses Have Septupled, Forebode Highest Sea-Level Rise

"That’s according to 26 separate satellite measurements and 89 scientists who have produced them"

"The Greenland ice sheet’s losses have accelerated so fast since the 1990s it is now shedding more than seven times as much ice each year, according to 89 scientists who use satellites to study the area.

The sheet’s total losses nearly doubled each decade, from 33 billion tons per year in the 1990s to an average now of 254 billion tons annually. Since 1992, nearly 4 trillion tons of Greenland ice have entered the ocean, the new analysis found, equivalent to roughly a centimeter of global sea-level rise.

While a centimeter may not sound like much, that uptick is already affecting millions."

Chris Mooney reports for the Washington Post December 10, 2019.


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Source: Washington Post, 12/11/2019