"Pilgrim Officials Consider Moving Nuclear Waste To Higher Ground"

"On a concrete pad about 25 feet above Plymouth Bay, eight massive steel-reinforced concrete cylinders hold the remains of the radioactive fuel that has kept the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station running since the 1970s.

When the plant begins decommissioning next year, Pilgrim officials expect to fill another 54 of the so-called dry casks, which are 18 feet tall, weigh 360,000 pounds, and emit small amounts of radiation. The concrete pad is a little more than 200 feet from the shoreline.

The problem is where to store the nuclear waste — especially since its current location won’t stay 25 feet above Plymouth Bay for long."

David Abel reports for the Boston Globe April 20, 2018.


"South Florida Nuclear Site to Expand Despite Sea Level Rise Projections" (Weather Channel)

Source: Boston Globe, 04/23/2018