How to Submit a Story to EJToday Headlines

1. Before you can submit a proposed Headline, you must be either a member or a registered user of the site.

  • Members should log in using their regular SEJ login information. If you don't know your login or password, go here.
  • Members of the general public can become registered users of the SEJ site by following the directions here.

2. The Headline submittal form is at /node/add/headline .  You can click on that address or paste it into your browser.  Another way to get there is to go to the EJToday Headlines page from the main menu or the front page. Once there, you will find a box in the right-hand sidebar headed "Post a Headline or Event." Click on "Submit a Headline." You will also see this box in the right sidebar from your personal account page.

3. Certain fields in the EJToday Headlines submittal form (such as "Title") are mandatory. These are marked with a red asterisk; if you omit them, the site will remind you.

4. Here are some instructions for the individual fields in the form.

  • "Title" — equivalent to the headline of the story
  • "News Source" — ignore and leave blank
  • "Visibility" — choose "public"
  • "Teaser" — please include a summary of the story in less than 35 words
  • "Input format" — ignore
  • "Thumbnail image" — ignore
  • "Author" — leave blank
  • "Body" — Three paragraphs summing up the gist of the story. Include mention of date the story originally ran.
  • "Input format" — ignore
  • "Article date" — will be set automatically to today's date
  • "Link Title" — the name of the publication or news organization that originated the story — as short as possible
  • "Link URL" — the complete web address of the place where the story exists in full form on the Web
  • "Nominate for Gallery" — ignore; this feature currently inactive
  • "Approve for Gallery" — ignore; this feature currently inactive
  • "Log message" — use for any explanatory notes; this matter will not be published.
  • Please ignore and leave blank all fields after that.

5. After you have filled out the form, go to the very bottom and click on the button that says "Submit."

6. You will not see the story appear online in EJToday Headlines after you click "Submit." It will not be published until/unless an editor approves it.