How (and Why) to Tag Yourself

To tag your profile, click on the "Edit" tab of your account (you'll find your profile and the "My Account" option at the top of the right column in the "Members Only"area). You'll see these options for editing:
 >> Account settings >> Biography >> Contact Details >> Personal Information >> Tags

Select Tags. 

In area of expertise (Topics on the Beat), select all that apply. To select more than one, control-click (Windows) or command-click (Mac) all topics after the first.

Please select one geographical area.

Tagging your profile enhances the networking capabilities on the site. It also helps program planners, such as the annual conference team,  find members in a specific geographical area or having a specific expertise.

One of the greatest thing about belonging to SEJ is that members help other members with all sorts of journalistic problems. Tagging your profile allows other members to find you — and possibly get help based on your specific skills, experience, and expertise.