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In Rail Hazmat Crashes, Small Town Firefighters Can Be Vulnerable

"Accidents that result in the release of hazardous materials are rare, but when trains do crash, the consequences can be serious. Most of the recent ones that caused evacuations have happened near small communities, NPR found. Local firefighters who respond are uniquely vulnerable to the effects. But across the country, they are often under-prepared to handle the chemicals when they come off the tracks."

Source: NPR, 03/14/2023

"Deadly Arizona Crash, Leak Leaves Highway Stretch Blocked"

"There is no timetable for reopening part of the main southern Arizona highway southeast of downtown Tucson, officials said Wednesday afternoon, a day after a deadly desert crash caused a hazardous material leak and forced evacuations nearby."

Source: AP, 02/16/2023

50-Car Hazmat Train Derailment Causes Big Fire, Evacuations In Ohio

"A freight train derailment in Ohio near the Pennsylvania state line left a mangled and charred mass of boxcars and flames Saturday as authorities launched a federal investigation and monitored air quality from the various hazardous chemicals in the train."

Source: AP, 02/06/2023

"Dangerous Heat Wave Strikes China"

"As dozens of cities in eastern and southern China issued heat alerts on Tuesday, with some temperature forecasts exceeding 104 degrees over the next 24 hours, health workers conducted outdoor coronavirus tests with packets of frozen snacks strapped to their white hazmat suits. Roofs melted, roads cracked and some residents sought relief in underground air-raid shelters."

Source: NYTimes, 07/13/2022