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US, EU Raise Efficiency Standards for Office Equipment

"The European Commission and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency agreed today to implement new higher energy-efficiency specifications for computers, copiers and printers under the EU-US Energy Star Programme."
Source: ENS, 06/18/2009

"Pitching Diesels as an Eco-Friendly Option"

"If you’re thinking about buying a cleaner, more fuel-efficient car, you might think a hybrid is your best option. But some automakers want people to look at an older technology when they’re looking for green cars: the diesel engine."
Source: Environment Report, 06/17/2009

Vilsack Aide Named to FERC

"John Norris, a veteran Iowa political aide who has been chief of staff for Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, was nominated Wednesday by President Barack Obama to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission."
Source: Des Moines Register, 06/17/2009