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"The Problematic Chemicals Fueling America’s EV Revolution"

"The same companies that spewed “forever chemicals” linked with cancer and other diseases in neighborhoods around the world are now key players in the development of EV batteries—sometimes with hefty taxpayer support. Often those companies keep their chemical formulas and emissions from the public ... ."

Source: Mother Jones, 07/16/2024

Quinault Nation Has Tried To Escape The Rising Pacific. Time Is Running Out

"Standing water lies beneath the home Sonny Curley shares with his parents and three children on the Quinault reservation a few steps from the Pacific Ocean in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. The back deck is rotting, and black mold speckles the walls inside, leaving the 46-year-old fisherman feeling drained if he spends too much time in the house."

Source: AP, 07/16/2024

"What Project 2025 Would Mean For The Fight Against Climate Change"

"Project 2025, a controversial conservative roadmap that aims to guide the next Republican administration, calls for the elimination of multiple energy- and environment-related offices and rules — moves that would restrict the government’s ability to combat climate change and pollution."

Source: The Hill, 07/15/2024