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"Four In Five People Want Stronger Climate Action, Says UNDP Survey"

"Four in five people want their governments to take stronger action to tackle climate change, according to a United Nations survey. The UN Development Programme (UNDP), which published the poll on Thursday, said that 72 per cent of people across the 77 countries surveyed said they supported a quick transition from fossil fuels to clean energy."

Source: Business Standard, 06/21/2024

"Trump Once Promised to Revive Coal. Now, He Rarely Mentions It."

"The first time Donald J. Trump ran for president, he slapped on a miner’s helmet and told coal workers they would be “winning, winning, winning” when he entered the White House. Now, as Mr. Trump campaigns for another chance at the presidency, he rarely mentions America’s coal miners and has stopped making grand promises about their future."

Source: NYTimes, 06/18/2024

"This Coal-Heavy Rural Co-Op Utility Is Buying Its First Solar Plants"

"Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, one of the largest rural cooperative utilities in the U.S., is bringing the energy transition home to its massive western service territory. It’s acquiring its first large-scale solar power plants as it prepares to shift away from its current dependence on coal power."

Source: Canary Media, 06/18/2024

"On Farms, ‘Plasticulture’ Persists"

"U.S. farms are covered in plastic, from the sides of greenhouses to plastic mulch, hoop houses, irrigation tubes, and more. As it degrades, plastic accumulates in soil and in plants, with potential threats to food safety."

Source: Civil Eats, 06/17/2024